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J. J. Pigeaud, — School-hygiene.

Prof. N. Ph.Tendeloo, — Pathological-anatomical subjects.

P. H. van Tiel, — Tropical medical zoology.

Prof. J. H. Zaaijer, — Surgery.

The teaching comprises three courses:

1. October till Christmas. Complementary course for medical candidates and doctors.

2. November—May, May—November.

For doctors aiming at colonial practice, or practice in the navy, or on plantations. Theoretical and practical.

3. During three subsequent academical years.

For students applying for civil service or law courts in Dutch India:

Medicine, hygiëne, surgery, forensic medicine.

The Institute provides also medical teaching for Officers

and Missionaries, and lectures for technical students.

2. Tropical Hospital at Rotterdam. In preparation.

Publications of the Institute in: Tijdschrift voor vergelijkende Geneeskunde = Comparative Medicine Review.

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