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Special professors '■

J. R. Slotemaker de Bruine (appointed by the Dutch Reformed Church) — History and doctrine of the Dutch reformed Church.

A. M. Brouwer (appointed by the Dutch Reformed Church) — Biblical Theology, Protestant Mission.

J. W. Pont (appointed by the Lutheran Church) — Doctrine etc. of the Lutheran Church. Private lecturer:

G. A. van den Bergh van Eysinga, — Pre-christian literature and philosophy.

Faculty of Law Ordinary professors '• J. C. Naber, — Roman law. D. Simons, — Penal law.

D. G. Rengers Hora Siccama, — Old Dutch law.

J. Ph. Suyling, — Civil law, International Private law.

B. C. de Savornin Lohman,— Public law. Philosophy of law.

C. W. Star Busmann, — Commercial law, Civil procedure. C. A. Verrijn Stuart, — Political economy.

J. H. W. Verzijl, — Law of Nations and Constitutional history.

Private lecturers:

Miss E. C. van Dorp, — Political Economy. S. A. van Lunteren, — General doctrine of law. J- Eggens, — »Notarial« law *) and fiscal law. R. Bouwman, — Science of commerce.

*) In Holland the »notary« deals with all legal transactions connected with sales, inheritance, contracts, administration of property, etc.