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Faculty of Letters Ordinary professors i

B. Sijmons,— Comparative Linguistics, Germanic Languages.

G. Heymans, — Philosophy, Psychology.

J. H. Kern, — Anglo-saxon, English, Sanskrit, Slavic languages.

J. van Wageningen, — Latin.

A. Kluyver, — Dutch language and literature.

F. M. Th. Böhl, — Hebrew, Israelitic Antiquities. I. H. Gosses, — Mediaeval and modern history. A. G. Roos, — Anctent history.

P. Groeneboom, — Greek.

K. Sneyders de Vogel, — Romance philology, French. Lecturers '■

H. H. Breuning, — German. John A. Falconer, — English. E. A. Boulan, — French.

Miss E. Neurdenburg, — History of Modern Art. H. J. F. W. Brugmans, — Paedagogy.

G. van Hoorn, — Archaeology. Private lecturer'.

M. Schoengen, — Palaeography, Historical Chronology, Diplomatic.

UNIVERSITY INSTITUTIONS AND COLLECTIONS University Library, Bibliotheekgang. Librarian: J. S. Theissen.

History: A. G. Roos, Geschiedenis van de Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit te Groningen, Groningen 1914. The Library, founded 1615, contains over 150.000 vols.It includes the Library of the Society Pro excolendo iure patrio and others.