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Hospital, 57 Oostersingel.

The Hospital is maintained and controlled jointly by the Province, the Town of Groningen and the University. Director: W. H. Mansholt.


Pathological Laboratory, Director: Prof. L. Polak Daniels. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Director: Prof. G. C. Nijhoff. Surgery,

Director: Prof. C. F. A. Koch.

Aural Surgery,

Director'- Prof. W. Schutter.

Mental Diseases and Neurology,

Director: Prof. E. D. Wiersma.

Pharmaceutical Institute,

Director: L. M. van den Berg. Radio-therapeutical Institute, 45 Oostersingel. Director: S. Keyser.

Ophthalmological Institute, 30 Zuidersingelstraat. Director: Prof. G. F. Rochat.

Institutute for Experimental Psychology, Academiegebouw.

Director: Prof. G. Heymans.

Institute for Philology and History, 74 Oude Boteringestraat.

Germanic branch, — Director: Prof. B. Sijmons. English branch, — Director: Prof. J. H. Kern. Latin branch, — Director: Prof. J. v. Wageningen. Dutch branch, — Director: Prof. A. Kluyver.