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Historical (Modern) branch, — Director : Prof. I. H. Gosses. Historical (Ancient) branch, — Director : Prof. A. G.Roos. Greek branch, — Director: Prof. P. Groeneboom. Romance branch, —Director: Prof. K. Sneyders de Vogel. Institute for History of Art, Academiegebouw. Director: Miss E. Neurdenburg. Children's Hospital, 4 Sint Jansstraat. Maintained by a private corporation. Director: Prof. G. Scheltema.


Groningen University Fund Society.

For furthering the development of the University by the

promotion and support of objects of scientific interest in

the widest sense.

Secretary: Prof. J. H. Kern.

Old-Students Foundation 1906.

For lectures by distinguished scholars and scientists from

abroad, in the Aula of the University, at the invitation of

the Academical Senate.

Society for Higher Agricultural Education President: E. Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer. Secretary: Prof. I. B. Cohen. Teaching staff:

D. L. Bakker, — Cattle-breeding. Prof. I. B. Cohen, — Cooperation. Prof. J. Elema, — Hydrography. Prof. I. H. Gosses, — Agrarian history.

D. J. Hissink, — Agrology. ^

*) Only those are mentioned which may be of interest to foreigners.