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Founded 1632, as Athenaeüm Illustre, converted into a University, Óctober 15, 1877. Number of Students 1920/21 : i 541. *)

Publications issued by the University:

a. Guide-book, published yearly in September;

b. Series Lectionum, published in September;

c. Year-book, published in December. Curator-President: the Burgomaster of Amsterdam. Curators: R. H. A. M. Romme, W. F. van Leeuwen, C.

C. Delprat, J. Kruseman.

Secretary of the board of Curators: V. G. A. Boll, 106 De Lairessestraat, Amsterdam.

Rector Magnificus * *): J. K. A. Wertheim Salomonson. Secretary of the Academical Senate: J. H. Scholte. Keeper of the Academical Archives: J-. H. Scholte. Committee for International Academie Relations: U. Ph. Boissevain, K. H. Bouman, H. Y. Groenéwegen, Ph. Kohnstamm, P. Scholten. TEACHING STA FF Faculty of Theology Ordinary professors:

D. E. J. Völter, — New Testament, Ancient Christian literature.

H. J. Elhorst, — Hebrew, Israelitic antiquities, Old Testament.

H. A. van Bakel, — History of the doctrines of the

Christian Church, Encyclopaedia of theology.

*) The actual number of students is larger than the official returns. **) For the academie year 1921/22.