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I. Snapper, — General pathology, propaedeutic clinique

and pharmacology.

W. Noordenbos, — Surgery.

E. Laqueur, — Pharmacology.

A. H. M. J. van Rooy, — Obstetrics and gynaecology.

Extraordinary professors:

J. van Rees, — Histology.

H. Burger, — Diseases of nose, throat and ear.

J. de Bruin, — Diseases of children.

W. A. Kuenen, — Tropical medicine.

Special professors (appointed by the Colonial Institute):

J. J. van Loghem, — Tropical hygiëne.

J. P. Kleiweg de Zwaan, — Anthropology and therapeutics

of the native population of the Dutch East and West Indies.


J. Kuiper, — Theory of infectious diseases. Private lecturers:

N. van Rijnberk, —Examination and treatment of ophthalmic defects and diseases.

M. A. Mendes de Leon, — Gynaecological policlinique.

C. B. Tilanus, — Orthopaedic surgery.

H. Ti mmer, — Orthopaedic surgery.

H. Brongersma, — Conservative methods of treatment in


G. A. M. van Waijenburg, — Psychology of children, psychology of adults and experimental paedagogy. L. Heijermans, — Professional diseases and professional poisoning, social hygiëne.

G. P. van Trooyen, — Therapeutics of accidents. O.J. Wijnhausen, —Diseases of digestion and metabolism. J, Schrijver, — Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the stomach and the intestines.