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Library of the National Academy of Art, 86 Stadhouderskade.

Librarian: Prof. W. van der Pluym.

Library and Archives of the Mennonist Church,

452 Singel.

Librarians: Prof. W. J. Kühler, Prof. J. G. Appeldoorn. Portuguese-IsraeliticSeminary library and »livraria Montezinos«, 5 J. D. Meijerplein. Librarian: J. S- da Silva Rosa.

Administrative library, O. Z. Achterburgwal, Town Hall, Room Number 118. Keeper'. H. van Hall.

Leesmuseum, 102 Rokin. Library and Reading-room. Public Reading-room and library, 444-446 Keizersgracht.

Director: T. P. Sevensma.

Commercial economie library, (in the Public readingroom and library), 444-446 Keizersgracht. Librarian: Miss E. G. Meihuizen.

Library of the Zoological Garden, 40 Plantage Kerklaan.

Librarian: Miss Greta Jonges.

Library of the Dutch South-African Society, 389


Librarian: N. Mansvelt.

Library of the Museum Willet-Holthuysen, 605


Conservator: F. Coenen.

Museum for the studyof prison systems and coercive education, Waaggebouw. Secretary: G. L. de Vries Feijens.