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Founded 1913, see page 8. Number of students 1920/21:571

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slag (Yearbook) issued in December.

Curator-president: A. R. Zimmerman.

Secretary of the board oj curators: W. C. Mees, 94a Wijn


Rector Magnificus 1921/22: F. de Vries. Secretary of the Senate: H. R. Ribbius. Commission for Internation Academie Relations '• G. W. J. Bruins, H. R. Ribbius, F. de Vries. Ordinary professors'■

G. W. J. Bruins, — Economics.

F. de Vries, — Economics.

J. G. de Jongh, — Business organization. N. J. Polak, Business organization. W. H. Drucker, — Civil law, etc.

H. R. Ribbius, — Civil law, etc.

Z. W. Sneller* — Economie history. P. E. Verkade, — Chemistry. Extraordinary professors'-

D. van Blom, — Industrial and social legislation. M. de Haas, — Physics.

G. W. Kernkamp, — General history.

J. F. Niermeijer, — Commercial geography. D. G. Stibbe, — Colonial politics.

I. G. C. Volmer, — Business organization. J. C. van Eerde, — Colonial ethnology. C. P. J. Francois, — Law of nations.

A. O. Holwerda, — Statistics and insurance. G. M. Verrijn Stuart, — Money and banking.