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Founded 1821 as a state VETERINARY SCHOOL and converted into a VETERINARY UNIVERSITY in 1918. See page 8. Curriculum and degrees, see page 21. Number of students 1920/21: 180.

Publications: Jaarboek (Yearbook) (issued in October). Programma (including: law, regulations etc, issued in September).

Books of reference: Een eeuw veeartsenijkundig onderwijs (A century of veterinary education), Utrecht, 1921. Curator-president: J. W. M. Bosch van Oud Amelisweerd. Curators: W. J. van Dedem, H. J. Dyckmeester, H. Pollema, J. C. Koningsberger, J. W. J. de Vos van Steenwijk.

Secretary of the board of curators: H. Tromp van Holst.

Rector Magnificus *): H. M. Kroon.

Secretary of the senate'): H. Jaköb.

Commission for International Academie Relations:

H. M. Kroon, B. Sjollema, W. J. Paimans.


Ordinary professors'.

M. C. Dekhuyzen, — Histology, physiology, embryology. J. Wester, — Special pathology and medicine of non-infectious or parasitical diseases, etc. B. Sjollema, — Chemistry.

W. J. Paimans, — Obstetrics, history of veterinary art. H. M. Kroon, — Animal husbandry, hygiëne. H. Jakob, — General therapeutics, pharmacology, toxicology, ophthalmology.

*) For 1921—1922.