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G. Krediet, — Anatomy.

J. E. W. Ihle, — Zoology, botany. J. H. Hartog, — Surgery.

L. de Blieck, — Special pathology and medicine of parasitical and infectious diseases, tropical diseases, bacteriology.

W. H. Keesom, — Physics, physical chemistry.

H. Sch ornagel, — General pathology, pathological anatomy and pathological histology.

C. F. van Oijen, — Human food-stuffs of animal origin. Extraordinary professors '■

H. Remmelts, — Veterinary police. J. Poels, — Vaccination, serology. Lecturers:

J. A. Beijers, — Clinical diagnostics of internal diseases. K. Hoefnagel, — Inspection of meat.

D. J. de Jong, — Pharmacy.

H. A. Vermeulen, — Osteology. J. Wind, — Rural economy. Private lecturer '■

M. J. Sirks, — Theory of heredity. UNIVERSITY INSTITUTES AND COLLECTIONS Library: 172 Biltstraat. Librarian: J. B. du Buy.

Laboratories: (172 Biltstraat, unless stated otherwise).

Physiological Laboratory..

Director: Prof. M. C. Dekhuyzen.

Clinique for internal diseases.

Director: Prof. J. Wester.

Chemical Laboratory.

Director: Prof. B. Sjollema.