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Clinique for Obstetrics. Director: Prof. W. J. Paimans. Institute for animal husbandry. Director: Prof. H. M. Kroon.

Clinique for small domestic animals and Institute for pharmacology and toxicology. Director: Prof. H. Jakob. Institute for Anatomy. . Director: Prof. G. Krediet.

Zoological and botanical laboratory and botanical garden.

Director: Prof. J. E. W. Ihle. Clinique for Surgery. Director: Prof. H. Hartog.

Institute for infectious and parasitical diseases, 168 Biltstraat.

Director: Prof. L. de Blieck.

Laboratory for physics and physical chemistry. Director: Prof. W. H. Keesom. Institute for pathology, 166 Biltstraat. Director: Prof. H. Schornagel.

Laboratory for the knowledge and inspection of human foods of animal origin. Director: Prof. C. F. van Oijen. SPECIAL INSTITUTIONS.

A course for postgraduate students who have acquired a government position in the colonies. Jubilee-fund 1921 of the Veterinary University for veterinary research.