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Founded 1920 by the Royal Institute for Technical Higher Education in Netherland India. See page 8. Number of students 1922 : 57.

Secretary of the Institute in Holland: W. D. H. van Asbeck, Bloemendaal.

Curator-President: W. Frijling. Secretary of the board of curators: V. L. Slors. Directorate: K. A. R. Bosscha, president, J. Klopper, secretary.

Rector Magnificus: ]. Klopper.


Ordinary professors:

J. Klopper, — Applied mechanics.

J. Clay, — Physics.

W. Boomstra, — Mathematics.

R. L. A. Schoemaker, — Architecture.

H. C. P. de Vos, — Hydraulic Engineering.

Extraordinary professors:

W. H. A. van Alphen de Veer, — Building material, Chemistry for engineers.

J. H. G. Schepers, — Surveying, levelling, geodesy.

J. H. A. Haarman, — Bridge- and road-building.

G. H. M. Vierling, — Mechanical engineering.

C. P. Schoemaker, — History of architecture and decora-

tive art, specifications and estimates, town planning.

J. N. van dér Ley, — Electrotechnics.