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Extraordinary professor :

Omit: J. Poels, — Applied bacteriology.


Omit: E. Gorter, — Diseases of children.

Private lecturers:

Add: J. Bijtel,'— Physiology.

F. G. Muller, — Theoretical geaeral i psychopathology.

G. O. G. Lignac, — Pathological anatomy and forensic medicine.

J. O. H. Reys, — Physical culture.

37. Faculty of natural philosophy (science) Oramary professors:

For: K. Martin, — Mineralogy, geology, palaeontology,

crystallography, read:

B. G. Escher, — idem. For: J. P. Kuenen, — Experimental physics, read:

!W. H. Keesom, — idem. Extraordinary professors: Omit: H. A. Lorentz, — Theoretical physics. *)

38. Private lecturers:

Omit: A. D. Fokker, — Theoretical physics. Add: G. Stiasny, — Biological oceanography.

H. Gerth, — Palaeontology and historical geology. Faculty of letters

Ordinary professors:

For: G. J. P. J. Bolland f, — Philosophy, logic, metaphysics, ethics, psychology, read:

(A. J. de Sopper, — idem. G. Kalft", — Dutch literature, Add: f, (vacant). *) By special arrangement of the University Fund Society however it has been made possible for Professor Lorebtz to continue giving his lectures.