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Extraordinary professor:

J. Desiderius Franses, — Patristics.

Faculty of Letters

Ordinary professors:

J. Hoogveld, — Philosophy, pedagogy.

Titus Brandsma, — History of mysticism, philosophy

of history.

Jps. Schrijnen, — Greek and Latin philology, general linguistics.

E. Drerup, — Greek literature and history.

A. Slypen, — Latin literature and history, archaeology. J. van Ginneken, — Dutch philology and literature, comparative linguistics, Sanskrit.

Th. Baader, — Germanic linguistics, Celtic language and literature.

H. Huybers, — Modern history. History of the Netherlands.

Jean Dagens, — French literature. W. Kosch, — German literature. Extraordinary1 professors:

F. Roels, — Empirical and practical psychology.

A. Baumstark, — Semitic languages, comparative history of liturgy.

G. Brom, — Aesthetics and history of art.

H. de Vries de Heekelingen, — Palaeography, diplomatics.


P. V. Sormani, — History of Greek and Roman philosophy.

B. Molkenboer, — Study of Vondel. B. Weerenbeck, — French philology.