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illness"; blU. 19, 29: Peter Pett, Navy Commissioner, over de

voorziening der Engelsche vloot; — bil. 20, 30, 35, 42, 48, 65, 80, 89 113, 130, 157: Charles Longland, over de gebeurtenissen in de Middellandsche Zee; — bl. 48: nieuwsbericht uit den Haag *); — tri. 129: David Heekstetters te Hamburg: Hollandsche kapers voor den mond van de Elve; — bL 141 Richard Bradshaw te Hamburg: aankoop van oorlogsbehoeften; „the Dutch men-of-war in the river have donc much spoil of late upon the English, and still continue to seize what they can."

1S64—1666 bl. 235: „examination of Major Robert Holmes"; — bL 236: kapitein Richard Rooth aan Penn, „oomplains of the unserviceableness of the 71 pressed men sent on [bis] board; has dismissed them, since it is the Duke of York's pleasure that none but seamen be received; the 58 seamen ordered from Liverpool were chiefly taken from the plough;" — bl. 246: nieuwsbericht uit de City van Londen, over den publieken geest aldaar; — bl. 266: instructie van Karei II voor den hertog van York; „he is to act by advice of the Council of War, either sailing to the North, into the Channel, or to the coast of Holland; to endeavour direotly to secure the mastery of the seas and safety of navigation, and for this object to fight or not fight, as he thinks best"; — bil. 275, 277, 288, 289, 290, 291, 292, 296, 296, 299, 301, 306, 311, 317, 321, 324, 328, 336, 337, 360, 366, 368, 369, 373, 378, 381, 382, 387, 389, 392, 393, 395, 404, 406, 407, 416, 417, 423, 460, 467, 506, 610, 616, 620, 637, 665, 658, 566: brieven van Sir William Coventry, Navy Commissioner en secretaris van den hertog van York, aan boord van de Royal Charles (406 en 407 over den slag bij Lowestoft) en vervolgens aan land over het herstel der vloot en de maritieme maatregelen gedurende de rest van den zomer (520 over Bergen); — bl. 275: Thomas Ross, gentleman of the Duke of Monmouth, aan Williamson, aan boord van de Royal Charles; „when they come to an engagement, will send hun the first Dutchman's ears for an umbrella to the south window of his lodgings; if their thickness will not secure him from the sun, knows not what will"; — bil. 288, 294, 310, 321, 328, 336, 360, 365, 387, 407, 520, 568, 566: brieven van den hertog van York aan boord van de Royal Charles (407 over den slag bij Lowestoft) en vervolgens aan land; — blL 291, 311: Albemarle aan de Navy Commissioners; raadgevingen omtrent aanbouw en huren van schepen; — bL 295: Peter Pett, Navy Commissioner, over den aanbouw van schepen: „the plan of having only one deck for ships was found so bad that most of those built after the last Dutch war had an extra deck, but by this they lost their quality of bearing sail and carrying ordnance"; — blL 321, 324, 328, 333, 350, 393: brieven van Lord Falmouth van boord van de Royal Charles; — bL 337: Sir Thomas Clifford, aan boord van de Swiftsure veor Texel (8 Mei): „they have been all day braving the Dutch, sailing in sight of their fleet, but they seem afraid, and will not come out; fears they will keep them too long without fighting"; — blL 403, 405, 425: Sir William Batten, commissioner of the Navy te Harwich; berichten over de Ned. vloot en nabetrachting over den slag bij Lowestoft; „is informed the States have hanged 10 of their captains; the Duke of York had good reason to serve some of his so; had all the captains

1) Slechts gedeeltelijk bij Gardiner-Atkinson V, 312.