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done as they ought, not 10 of the enemy's ships would have escaped";

— bl. 408: Lord Arlington aan den Lord Mayor van Londen; bericht over den slag bij Lowestoft; — bl. 423: Prins Bobert aan Arlington; „his greatest joy is to have been a small instrument in ehastising so high an insolency as that of the Dutch; hopes to continue so till they are brought to their duty; which will be an easy task if the time is not lingered out;" — bil. 471, 532, 562, 570; brieven van Lord Sandwich; — bil. 526, 528: berichten over Bergen.

1665—1666 bil. 13, 21, Perm over maatregelen tegen de bedreiging der Engelsche kust door de Ruyter; — bl. 25: Karei II aan de Lord Lieutenants van Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk,: de militie in gereedheid te houden; — bl. 239 bericht van Benjamin Harrison uit Dover over onbetrouwbare elementen aldaar; „they expect Richard Cromwell, who is in France, to head an invasion before May, or Ludlow, who is in Holland; there are 200 sure men in Dover to join them, and most of the town would do so, even the soldiers of Dover Castle, and the rich men would leave the town to see what became of it, as they did when De Ruyter was at the North Foreland 1), and the rest were prepared to join him, if he had landed any force.... De Ruyter went in a little ship and himself sounded the water, taking the English packet boat and sending letters on shore by the passengers";

— bil. 365, 369, 379, 380, 391, 405, 411, 424: brieven van Sir William Clarke aan boord van de Royal Charlet; — bil. 375, 376, 391, 414, 441, 450, 456, 465, 479, 494, 498, 506, 623, 560, 580, brieven van James Hayes, secretaris van Prins Robert, aan boord van de Royal Charles; — bil. 380, 388, 405, 408, 434, 455, 470, 471, 485, 601, 606, 649, 669, brieven van Albemarle *) aan boord van de Royal Charles (434 over den vierdaagschen zeeslag: „can give no account of thefleet's losses; they were overpowered with nurobers, but the Dutch lost still more. Had only 22 or 23 vessels that stuck to him in the heat of the engagement, till the Prince came in. Hopes therefore the King will not be displeased if he displaces many captains. Hopes the King and Duke of York will press the Navy Officers to have the neet ready in a fortnight"); — blL 418, 434, 486, 513, brieven van Prins Robert van de vloot (434 over den vierdaagschen zeeslag: „was onee in a posture to strike a great stroke, but was forced off, not having so many ships to change as his Spitzbroder Tromp. The damage to the fleet is general, but with diligence all may be repaired in 14 day's time"); — bil. 424, 430 (XIX) 8), 501, 606, 512, 624, 528, 536, 643, 549, 567: brieven van Sir Thomas Clifford aan boord van de Royal Charles (XIXt uitvoerige beschrijving van den vierdaagschen zeeslag); — bl. 426 Richard Harrison aan boord van de Royal James „near Dover", 12 Juni 1666 aan Clifford: „Prince Rupert, coming near Dover to meet the General at the Downs, is advertised that the fleet has gone to meet the Dutch, and an Ostender says that he sailed between the two fleets off Ostend, and they were between seven or eight leages of each other. The Prince makes all the speed he can, with 26 of the swiftest sailers in the fleet, to overtake them before they

1) Brandt, 447.

2) Sommige tezamen met Prins Robert.

3) Het romeinsche cijfer geeft de plaats aan waar men, in de inleiding van het deel van den Calendar, het stuk in extenso vindt afgedrukt.