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1 on a fait surseoir la vente que l'on avoit commence a faire, soit qu'on ne 1'ose pas continuer, paree qu'il est arrivé quantité de Francois a Londres qui réclament leurs marchandises, et 1'ambassadeur de France parle bien baut pour leurs intérests; — ou que l'on y craigne que ce que le vice admiral de Ruyter a pris sur les Anglois, vaut bien pour le moins ce que les Anglois ont pris sur les habitants de ces Provinces.

101. DOWNING AAN BENNET, 13 Jan. 1Ö65 ').

They are still here mighty high at their success in Guiny in comparison whereof they do not count what they have lost in the Channell worth the naming, and they promise themselves now that he *) hath absolutely cleared the coast, and that they shall have time to fortifie and settle themselves, whereby to be absolute sole masters of the gold and also of the negro trade, and thereby also be able to overthrow all his Majestie's plantations in the West Indies for want of slaves, or to make them take them as their prizes. In de Ruyter's letter which is come to Amsterdam which came by North's ship he said that he is now abundautly provided with all sortes of provisions, which were very short with him before, and thereby also he will be able to supply in some measure such places as he shall take, but as to men he will not be able to spare many, for that thereby he should disfurnish his ships, so that they must be expected hence when they shall have an opportunity to send them. It is said that the assignation come to Amsterdam from de Ruyter upon the West India Company is for captaine North's owners for the fraught of his ships. Herein inclosed I send you a large deduction 8) given in by vanjBuningen to the French King in answere to my last Memoriall but one, wherein you will finde many notorious falseties. I thought he had bin a man more exact espetially as to matter of fact. I have marked some passages in the margent, but that which is of most consequenee is, that their fleet is gone to Guiny yett would not attacque or hurt the ships, persons or places of the English, but only which was their own, and yett you see he immediately feil upon those ships that were just immediately come from London, and which had in them nothing of theirs, nor yett had had any hand in doing any thing; hereof excellent use may bemade, but espetially in France, and rath er for that also van Campen's instruction was putt into Monsieur d'Estrades' hands by the Estates. Those of Zeiand have writt to the Estates Generall, complaining highly for the want of money both for the carrying on of the building of their quota of new ships, as also for the equipping their part of the 72

1) R. O., Holland 174. — Uit den Haag.

2) He Ruyter.

3) Hier weggelaten (Aitzema V, 288).