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Nort, en faisant le tour de 1'Angleterre, ou par la Maucbe, selon les ordres qu'il y trouvera. Les dernieres lettres d'Espagne disent qu'il y avoit 24 navires a Mallaga, et qu'il y en estoit encore arrivé 11 qui avoient apporté du bied de la Sicile; qu'ils en avoient formé trois escadres, dont ils avoient donné le commandement aux trois capitaines qui les escortent; qn'ils avoient resolu d'aller a Cadix, et qu'ils s'estoieut promis fidelité, au cas que le capitaine Allen, qui estoit a douze lieues de la avec 10 vaisseaux de guerre Anglois, les attaquast.

103. DOWNING AAN BENNET, 20 Jan. 1665 >).

Here is now a troop of borse that keepes guard every night at the court, a thing which they say was never knowne here before, neither during the late warre with England, nor during all their warre with Spaine, which with other thinges of that nature causeth every day more discourse, it being in every Bnrger's mouth that these thinges are done for feare of them, and not because of the English. Att Amsterdam they now talke also of raising a great stock for the equipping and setting out of capers to be managed and ordred by a Company of Directors as in Zeiand. The business of letters of mark hath bin againe in debate in tbe Estates Generall since my last, but sevarall of the Provinces have desired to have the particular directions of their principalls before they consent thereunto, but stili the business advanceth neerer a conclusion, and they are indeavouring a regulation among such as shall have them, whereby to keep them in better order, and that they may as little as may be, be offensive to their neighbours. The Estates of Holland intend to part the end of this weeke, there being as yett no change in the affaires of England, there being no declaration of warre nor any positive declaration of the mind of France, and the Townes of Amsterdam and Hoorne being to change their Magistrates in the beginning of February (as usuall), they intend to be here againe about the 8th of February and then to stay here till Easter. They have had in debate the putting in execution of the raising of the 200th penny, and some other extraordinary taxes, but they will lett them sleep till their next assembly: the stop of trade angers the people enough already, and for the present supply of the admiralties, the Townes doe underhand take up monies at interest upon the creditt thereof. Itbegins to be much noised that the admiralty of Amsterdam it selfe (whose credit was so absolute) begins to pay itl. The business of the casheiring the English and Scotch lyes also by for the present. They begin generally to discourse and speake of a 2d order sent to de Ruyter, and that he will not only after he hath cleared Guiny indea-

1) R. O., Holland 174. — Uit den Haag.