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sterdam and other parts that there are >a greate number of merchants and other strangers that speake of quitting this country next summer in ease the warre go on.

106. WICQUEFORT AAN FREDERIK III, 24 Jan. 1665 ').

Mardy dernier qnelques deputés de Hollande furent en conférence avec les directeurs de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales pour les disposer a armer pour le moins 30 navires, montés de 30 a 40 piècés de canon et de 180 hommes, et que moyennant ce secours, que l'on dit estre tres nécessaire en la constitution présente des affaires, on leur donnera la continuation de leur octroy. Les directeurs partirent le lendemain pour en faire rapport aux chamhres, et devoient revenir hier au soir, afin de dire leur résolution aux Etats d'Hollande "quï se doivent séparer aujourd'huy.

107. DOWNING AAN BENNET, 27 Jan. 1665 2)

For what we have here concerning captaine Allen's fight with the Straights fleete of this country neare Cadix I referre you to the inclosed *), and I need not teil you that they doe here much triumph that they. lost no more. On the other hand the estates of Holland upon the receipt of this news (which was upon Saturday morning last) feil into very high deliberations and immediately proposed and yesterday concluded that they should proceed with relation to England as in the time of the warre with Cromwell, publishing an interdiction of the importacion of all marchandises and manufactures of England, moreover to publish greate recompences to all that should take or should ruine any English ships, moreover to forbid the Greeneland fishing for this next yeare, whereby the maine force, those seamen which otherwaies would be imploy'd therein' to take on in their men of warre, moreover to give out their letters of marqué to all that will have them, whether particular persons or such as shall be combined in companie, but under this condicion that they do furnish first to the State, a certaine number of seamen, the maine businesse and worke being to have the estates fleete will supply'd, and I beleeve all indeavours they can use to that are but needfull, for that I finde their seamen have no greate mind to the businesse. Letters are also to be written to all the admiralties to quicken them on in theequipping the 72 capitall ships that are to be upon the account of the

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