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Estates Generall, besides tbeir convoyers, and are still pressing the East India Company and treating with them, that whereas this warre is very mueh upon their account and for their interest, and whereas they use every yeare to fit out a certaine number of ships for the convoying home their East India fleete, that they shall either now furnish a notable sunime of money or rather equip about 20 men of warre, and maintaine them upon their account to be joined to the Estates fleete and to be of 30 and 40 piece of ordnance; moreover they say that 3 of the new men of warre that are building at Amsterdam are advanced with that diligence that they will be ready to go to sea in Aprill; they speake much that the goods on board their fleete at Cadix shall be taken out and that they will trye another bout with captaine Allen, and that they will send letters of marqué to all their merchants ships in the Straights to fall upon all English they can meete withall. In the meane while there is little or nothing to do in this country at present for the poore people, what upon the account of the stop of trade, and by reason of this extreame frost; and the wiser sort see plainely that the cohsequence of this warre (if it continue) will be, that as other warrs drove the merchants and haudycraft people into this country, this will make them thinke of other habitacions, and that the trade will take another channell.

108. WICQUEFORT AAN FREDERIK III, 27 Jan. 1665 >).

M.n les Estats d'Hollande ont envoyé un ingenieur a Helvoetsluys, pour y ordbnner trois batteries de 20 pieces de canon chacune, dont la moindre tirera 12 livres de balie et tireront a fleur d'eau; desorté que l'on ne craindra plus que les Anglois y fassent descente. II ne sera pas si facile de remedier aux desordres que font icy ceux, qui devroient estre les premiers a s'y opposer. Mercredy dernier, lorsque l'on celebra le jeusne, il y a eu plusieurs ministres, qui en leurs Bermons se sont importés a des discours assés imprudents; mais entr'autres il y en a un a Botterdam qui a eu 1'insolence de dire en chaire, que Barnevelt, comme estant traistre de la patrie, avoit esté bien executé. Que le gouvèrnement present ne luy plaisoit pas. Qu'il falloit craindre, que 1'ingratitude que l'on a icy pour la maison d'Orenge, ne fict la ruine de l'Estat, et que si on ne changeoit de maxime, il faudra un jour manger de 1'herbe comme Nebucadnezar. Les Estats d'Hollande ont ordonné aux gecommitteerde raeden, de ne luy payer point ses gages, et a la ville de Rotterdam de luy faire rendre compte de ce qu'il a dit. Au reste ce n'est pas un zele pur et desinteressé qui porte ces messieurs a parler avec tant d'avantage pour le prince d'Orenge,

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