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and any common seamen that should have bin ingaged by them upon the account of any merchant voyages whatsoever. Moreovet «och öf their eantaines as doe want men doe goe to and againe to allfishing townes to trye to gett men there, and tis not to be imagined how infinitely high all sorts of people are, as if they had victory in their lappsj.and the commanders of their fleet say that they will not make any long business with their great guns, but cJap board on board and conquer or be conquered, and especially they threaten to doe this to the Dukes ship and other principall ships, for they say they know the English ships are stronger than theirs, and so that they will be too hard for them at a distance, but they thinke they shall be better man'd and have more experienced seamen, and more musquetery and so better att a close fight, and as I formerly wrote all their Land men have good new hangers. Now is a letter come to the States from the French King *) declaring his satisfaction with the letting of the two ships of his East India Company goe out, with all that he doth expect the immediate accomplishment thereof. The seamen that belonged to the hooker that was taken off this place by two English men of warre are returned hither, saying that the English did putt them on board of a Hamburger; here is also much talke about the passage boate that was taken goeing betwixt Flushing and Sluce. Obdam hath notified to the Estates Generall that he intends to be goeing hence to morrow towards the fleet. The Prince of Orange hath sent his Coaches to lye in the way between this and the Texell, yett severall of the Estates doe not shew any satisfaction or good likeing of his goeing; on the other hand no doubt if he should goe he would be putt upon drinking the prosperity of the fleet, and such kind of things as his Majestie would have noe great excuse to be oversatisfied with. By my letters this day from Amsterdam there were yesterday great nnmbers of seamen at the East India House to take on in their service for the fleet att 16 and 18 gilders a mouth, so that they hope in a short time they shall have their number. Moreover a friend of mine come thither from the Texell saith that he saw above 20 at a place not farre from thence.

120. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 28 April 1666 *).

De Witt and the rest of the States that are with the fleet at the Texell write that they yett want a great number of seamen, that they press with utmost diligence the hastning to the Texell of the rest of their men of warre that are not yett come thither, and the useing

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