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att possible art for the procuring of more. De Wit* hath bin on board many of;ih« ships to incomrage the seamen, having declared unto them that from the beginning of May, they shall all have 15'füders per month, and that in case any of them happen to be maimed they shall be well taken care of, and in case they should be kild the like care taken of their wives and children, and the letter from Guiny (they say) shall not only be read on board every ship but posted up therein by the men, to imbitter the seamen against the English; I hope I shall very speedily have something from you to say to the States and to publish by way of answere thereunto. By letters from Cadix there were severall Dutch Capers fitting out there. My tbinkes Sr. Richard Fanshawe *) should take care to hinder it. A small Newcastle man loaden with scoates was thisf last weeke brought up to Amsterdam. Prince Morice did intend to have exercised all the soldiers that are benei as yesterday upon the sands at Skeevling, and nombersiofipeöple were;,come from all parts, to see it, and he had sent for l&light&ild; pieces of his own from Cleve on purpose to have made use of, but Nordwick thinking it to be something eclipsing of his honour so ordred matters with (the Comittee de Raede as to have him fdrbidden. Moreover that they did like his little péecte so well tia* they would keep them for their own use paying him for them (when he can gett it) at which the iParince is so discontented that he is thiaidajr. gone hence for Clem. They continue still here to keep in rigorouaty all foreigne ships that come into this country, except the Frenish; which they doe thinking thereby to make all other nation» erye out for,* peace between his Majestie and this Country. The great hopes of them of Holland is that this warre will not continue long, the length and continuance whereof must certainly mine them and turne the trade into other channells, every nation getting a shaire thereof. Whereas most of the foot companies of this country have for severall yeares together had only two corn missioned officers for saving of charge, they of Holland doe now make them up 3, and the Committee de Raede did yesterday fill up neer 40 lieutenants and ensigns places which are bestowed upon young and unexperienced lads without any consideration or merite. I wonder how it should come to be reported that d'Estrades had bin at Dunkirke. Obdam went on Saturday last for the fleet. The first 24 ships that were ordred to be built are now all in hand and will be all great ships, and they are now at Rotterdam very busy in casting new ordnance all of brass for the great ship that is lately launched there; her dower fire are to be all of such as will carry 24 pound bujlet. There are every day ships arrived in the Texell and other parts of this country round Scotland and more dayly expected,, «spicially the

1) Britsen gezant te Madrid.