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Puisque vous souhaitez apprendre des nouvelles de ces quartiers, je vous dirai qu'il n'y a que cinq jours que je suis revenu de la flotte; tout ce que j'ay peu faire est d'avoir conté 72 ou 73 navires, mais dans lesquélz on ne peut entrer, a cause d'une defence de messieurs les Etats. Ceux que j'ay veu sont asses mal armés, et j'ay scèu des capitaines qu'ils manquent encore 2000 matelots pour équipper les navires que la Frise fournit. Ils prétendent nonobstant cela partir au [premier vent, et si tost qu'ils auront joints ceux de Zeelande qui sont a Gorée; je ne scay pas comme ils osent hazarder cela parceque la pluspart de leur matelots et soldats ne sont que des enfans.

130. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 22 Mei 1665 2).

Mons.c Carizius the Daneish resdent was upon Saturday last on board the Dutch fleet in the Texel, he saith that they were then about 80 saile of men of warre besides fire ships and yauchts, and that it is such a fleet nothing like whereunto hath ever bin seene in this country, being generally very great ships and well man'd and gun'd and provided with all things, that as to men that if the wind continued westerly they would yett take on some more, but however that as they were, that those that were then in the Texel were very well provided, and as they say their full out as many men more according to the proportion of their guns than the English men of warre use ever to carry. He told me also that there came that day into the Texel a merchants ship of Amsterdam from France which had bin 8 dayes in the Duke's fleet pretending to be a Frenchman, and having a French pass, and that she was bound Northward, and stay'd only for a good wind, and so tooke her opportuhity and slipt into the Texel, and the master of her reported that he had bin on board óf vèry many of the Duke's fleet with much freedome, they supposeing him to be a Frenchman; that there were above 40 of them very considerable ships; that for the rest they were but small, and little account to be made of them in comparison of the fleet in the Texel, which are all generally great ships, very few under 50 and 60 guns. Moreover that he should say that he did verily believe that those in the Texell without those in Zeiand were abundant enough to fight them.

Mons.r Blaspiell3) was also on board the said fleet in the Texell upon Sunday last, and his intention was to have gone on board the Duke's

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