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stake therein, and he hath infinitely animated all their seamen, telling them how the glory and honour of their nation and what not of that kind was now all at stake and if they can beate the English, that all the world is their own. I hope the Hamburgh fleet for England is passed by with he late Northerly wind, and so out of danger of being mett withal!. Here is much talke of a placcart issued out in France prohibiting the importation of foreigne manufactures into the kingdome, what the particularities are and how farre it reacheth I doe not certainly know. They are here sorry for the death of van Campen who had the report to be a very good and valiant sea officer.


Le sieur Downing a escrit au Roy d'Angleterre que la flotte des Etats est sortie du Texel, mais qu'elle y est rentree pour se mettre a couvert d'un vent qui la poussait sur la coste: cela fait juger que dès que ce vent aura cessé, elle se sera remise en mer. C'est pourquoi M. le duc d'Tork presse le ravitaillement de celle qu'il commande, et l'on asseure qu'il pourra lever 1'ancre dans deux ou trois jours.

138. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 2 Juni 1666 2).

All is here in an estreame still at present in expectation of what newes from their fleet which is supposed to be gone toward the coast of England to seeke out the Duke and fight him, and the weather and wind have bin these 3 or 4 dayes as fit for their goeing thither and for a fight as could be wished, and exceeding confident they are of getting the better; pray God biess the Duke, to be sure he will not spare to adventure himselfe with the forwardest, and I thinke it is an advantage to him that the fight is not like to be upon this coast. The admiralties goe on still with all diligence in building their new ships, and in the fitting out those already launched and those 14 or 15 which were left behinde at the Texel and Vlyter; for the providing thereof men and other necessaries are dayly sent to them, and it is said that some of them are already putt to sea to goe to the fleet. Moreover the Estates have ordred the several admiralties to provide ammunitions, victualls and other necessaries, and to be sending them to their respective ships as occasion. There is nothing talckt of, but blocking up the Thames and landing of men in the Isle of Wight, or some other convenient place. lts'' said that a fireship is come from

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