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the fleet into the Vlye, having bin rendred so leaky by the late storme, that she could no longer indure the sea; it is also talked as if John Everson's ship should also in the storme have spent a mast, but of that no certainty. De Witt came to Towne on Saturday with thé rest of the deputies of the Estates Generall; there had bin very rough langjiage betweene him and Obdam upon severall occasions, and at his goeing ont, for that de Witt came from the States galliott on board him in great hast, telling him that the wind was faire, and that there was water enough, and therefore pressed him to weigh anchor and be gone, to which Obdam replyed that he did not finde that the wind was good nor that they had suficient water, and calling his Pilot he said the same, yet de Witt would by no meanes be satisfied therewith, and so they came to hott words, but Obdam would not stirre telling him that the fleet was trusted with him and not with de Witt, and that he must follow the advice of his Pilots and not his, whereupon de Witt went to Trump's ship hopeing to have found him of another mind, but Trump on the contrary would not so much as stirre off from his bed to speake to him, and so he departed thence also very ill satisfied, and the officers in generall began to grumble very much, saying that he tooke too much upon him, and that he made himselfe more than admirall and generall, and yett understood nothing of neither. Here come out every day such villanous pamphletts, that indeed it would create a horror to read them, and which is most to be remarked they are not only to be sold publikely in all shopps, but I know for certaine that de Witt's domestieks that are here about him and Buseroes domestieks (who is secretary, to the Prince of Orange's councell and the Dowager's right hand, but yett absolutely of de Witt's caball) doe disperse them and give them up and downe.

139. NIEUWSBERICHT UIT DELFT, 5 Juni 1665 i).

Vous me pries de vous mander des nouvelles de ce pays, tout ce que je vous puis dire est que l'on est autant dans 1'impatience d'en apprendre en ce pays comme vous estes; l'on dit que nostre flotte croise pour rencontrer celle d'angleterre que Ion tient a une rade appelee le Cunning deepe. J'escrivis hier par Anvers et dans ma lettre j'apprehende de m'estre mespris dans la haste que j'eus d'escrire, touchant ce qui s'est passé sur la riviere d'Elve, car les nouvelles sont venues icy d'une prise que nous avons faict dun navire du Roy d'Angleterre de 36 pieces de canon et de 9 navires qu'il convoyoit

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