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en eas qu'elle arrivé plus tost que les lettres partent. Cependant tout le monde court a Schefelingen, oü ie m'en fay aussy, pourvoirsi l'on y pourroit avoir quelque particularité.

P. S. — Je vien de Schevlingen et ay veu la fümée et entendu de furieux bourdonnemens si forts que les fenestres en tremblent a la Haye. Demain nous pourions avoir nouvelles du succes.


To give you a narrative more distinctly and intelligibly of the late fight with the Dutch, the matter bearing it well on our side, I will begin with their first appearance on our coast, brought thither in all probabilities more with the opinion of finding ours in disorder upon the preceding foule weather, and reports they heard of our unreadinesse, then from their owne innate valour, thongh the sequell of the story shewes they had sufficiently to accompany them in this great undertaking..

Upon their first appearance which was on June llth at 2 of the clock, it cost His Royall Highnesse but little time to make ready, his precedent care and the cbearfulnesse of our men having prevented all possibility of disorder, and the heppy arrivall of the Coaliers fleet at that instant having supplied the only awant he had of men, which the Dutch fleet no sooner perceived, but they stood off to sea, keeping the wind of us, sometimes standing againe to see whether indeed we durst follow them, keeping themselves in good order; their number was then judged to be 110 sayle and 10 fire-ships. The first good omen that shewed itselfe on our side was the firing of a great ship of theirs, as wee followed the next day, being Friday the 12tn instant in the evening; then believed to be one of their flagships, which wee since knew was a great fireship so disguised to doe more mischiefe.

June 12th wee followed them till night, endeavouring by severall tacks to get the windward quarter, which H. R. H. happily effected, being not full two leagues further into the sea, then wee were the evening before.

Saturday morning at sun rising they could not get from us, they bore up to vice admirall Mings, and gave him a broadside, who received them accordingly, and so their whole fleet passed by ours, fireing at every ship as they went, and receiving returnes from them, not one of either side being out of play at their first encounter; immediately upon which H R. H. made his signe of the tacking, that we might still keep the wind of them, which was as happily executed, notwith-

1) B M., Harley 7010, fol. 566. — Uit eene verzameling papieren hehoord hebbende aan Sir Richard Fanshaw, Britsch gezant te Madrid in 1665—'66. — Den 18den Juni 1665 verscheen dit verhaal met eenige wijzigingen te Londen in druk; zie Granville Penn II, 322.