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standing that the ennemy also strove for it. In the second passé the Swiftsure bore the first brunt, which was performed on both sides as the former. In the third where we also kept the wind, Prince Rupert and captain Mings led the way, but the ennemies endeavouring to get the head of our whole fleet were ingaged in a line, and as we boare towards theirs they still bore off, yet steering the same course, so that it was not then a fight of board and board, but offending one another with great shot, we being at too great a distance to make use of our small shot, which way of fighting seeming tedious to us, about one of the clock we pressed so neare to the middle of them that wee divided their fleet; about three of the clock Opdam's ship was blowne up, as we suppose by a lucky shott, which amazed their whole fleet as it encouraged ours, so wee feil in peil mell with them; after which it will be hard till stories are compared, to give a particular account of what happened. Upon the whole matter, God hath been pleased to give His M. a glorious and signall victory, our ennemy being driven into the Texel as farr as the draught of water, and condition of our ships could permitt, the day being also very farr spent. The sum of all is the ennemies whole fleet is defeated, the greater part of them gone into the Texel, others into the Maes, about 30 sunck and taken, Obdam with his ship blowne up, Cortenaer, Schram and Stellingwerfe killed, all the seven admiralls but John Everson 1), with many more of their principall officers, and according to the generall computations neare 8000 seamen and souldiere; captain Bancker's legg shott off. On our side onely one single ship, the Charüy, lost, Sr. John Lawson a slight hurt on his knee, Lord Marleborough, Lord Portland, Reere admirall Samson, captain Apleton of the Guiney, captain Kirby of the Breda, Lord Falmouth, Lord Muskery and Mr. Boyle killed; these three latter by one unhappy shot on board H. R. H.and close to his owne person. God almighty be praised for preserving to us his royall person.


Entlich ist die Zeidt undt der Tag worauff alle Potentaten undt Respubliquen des gantzen Europeischen Erdbodens auser Zweyffell eine Zeidt hero ein Absehen gehabt, umb den Ausgang der zweyen considerablesten Wasser Nationen fast niemahlen vergleichlichen Schiffsarmature zu vernehmen, hier angekommen, da aber den Hollandern das Unglücke getroffen, dass sie den 13ten Tag lauffenden Monats nicht unbillig inter dies nefastos rechnen mügen, undt nicht notig

1) „Wee have heard since that vice-admirall Trump is not dead" (noot in margine, in de hand van het stuk). — Ook Schram was niet gesneuveld.

2) R. K. — R. H. — Uit den Haag.