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d'une perte irreparable, 1'ambassadeur de France avoit resolu de despescher un courrier paree qu'il croyoit que ces messieurs feroient quelques propositions pour une alliance plus estroitte a 1'égard de la conqueste des Pais-Bas, qui est tout ce que la France desire l), estant tres certain qu'elle se declarera toutes les fois que ces messieurs seront disposés a cela, mais il a changé de resolution depuis qu'il a veu que l'on n'a point changé de sentiment icy, et que l'on travaille a se remettre en estat de donner bataille aux Anglois.

147. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 16 Juni 1665 *).

The people about Sanfort and those parts said that they heard shooting from the sea upon Friday about ten in the morning, and that it continued till night; att this place we heard wonderfull shooting with a continued terrible thunder from about 2 of the clock in the morning upon Satturday till betweeu 11 and 12 ad night, and about 4 in the afternoone there was such a blow that it shooke many honses and made many windowes blow open in the outward parts of the Hague, and the like att severall other times; between 10 and 11 at night sitting in my dineing Roome (though my house be in the middle of the Hague) there was such a blow that it made all my windowes rattle and blew open my casements, and about one at night it shooke the whole house, and the very beds as if it had bin a great earthquake. Sunday by breake of day, there was espyed neere 20 saile of shipping before the mouth of the Maes, which gave great cause of apprehensions, and presently when that newes was brought to me I concluded that there must be good newes at the bottomg of it, for that if they were English then the Dutch fleet was dispersed, and they come thither in pursuance of them; if Dutch, then the Dutch fleet was dispersed. Betwixt six and seaven in the morning there came one with a letter which he delivered to Weymenom upon the strand at Skeveling. It was only an open note of 5 or 6 lines, and when Weymenom read it in the midst of a great crowd of people, he presently clapt it in his pockett, without makeing any sounds of joy, though on the other hand he would not discover •anything to the contrary, yett lett fall words in generall as if the newes had not bin bad, and thereupon a report run presently, as if they had gott the victory, and a note was putt up to one of the Ministers here after the 7 of clock Sermon to thanke God for the same, as he accordingly did, and there was a strange echoeing of joy, among the people present, but within an houre or two after, the truth began to get out, by

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