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little and little, notwithstanding that Weymenom had sett a guard upon the fellow that brought him the newes, and commanded the pinck in whieh he came from the fleet immediately to putt to sea againe, and not to speake whith anybody; and now began Job's messengers to come in one after another, and it was known that the ships before the Maes were John Everson with 14 or 15 more of their fleet that had run away in the night. Moreover there appeared 3 men of warre off Skeevling whereof one was the Delfland a new ship built for the Spaniards which carried 70 guns being one of those sett out upon the account of the East India Company, and some of the men came on shoare all bloody, and reported that they were so shattred, and so full of water, having 5 or 6 shott under water, that they could gett no farther, whereupon fresh men were sent on board to belpe keep her above water and gett her into the Maes. Moreover it came eertainly to be knowne that Obdam was first kill'd with a shott and about 3 houres after his ship blowne up, and they speake as if he should be first wounded with a musquett hullet and then shott dead with a canon bullett, and his ship being sorely pressed by two English men of warre, that about 4 in the afternoone Satturday she blew up, as is conceived by some shott among her powder, though some say by a fire ship; she had 84 brass guns and 500 men on board her, besides many persons of condition volontiers. We had also newes that Cortenaer (who was their best man) had his leg shott off with a canon bullett and was dead.

Moreover all Sunday great shooting was heard to the northward, which was said and preved to be the Duke persuing Trump and the rest of their fleet toward the Texell, and upon Monday we had newes that they were gott into the Texell and Vlye and that one English man of warre of 46 guns (as said) was taken in the fight, moreover that the Marseveen the great ship of the East India Company of 78 guns and above 400 men, and captaine Kuiper that eame from Cadix and afterwards conveyed their French fleet for the Texell, being a ship of 30 guns, and another of their men of warre, being intangled somewhat neer together, were all 3 sett on fire by one of the Duke's fire ships, and blowne up, which hapned as they say, on Satturday in the night, and was that great blow we heard about one of the clock. Moreover they say that Stellingwerfe the admirall of Frise haveing behaved himselfe very well was killed; and they crye up Trump beyond the skies for bringing off so many of their fleet for the Texell. John Everson is strangly cried out upon, some say he went off because another commanded, and not he, after the death of Obdam, but that is ridiculons, the business of the comand having bin settled here by the Estates Generall, and being sent to by the Estates to know the reason of his coming from the fleet