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Advertisement is also sent to all parts of Christeandome that no more ships stirre out of any port to come hither till farther order, and galliotts are sending out to lye about the north of Scotland to ad-' vertise all ships that they shall meet with to save themselves into Norway, and elsewhere to the Northward; some nimble capers or other men of warre would make worke among those galliotts. It is reported as if the great ship Orange should be also blowne up. As for my selfe I had a thousand allarms as to the point of my own security, severall publike ministers advised me to withdraw out of my own house, profferring me theirs, but I told them all that I should not doe so dishonorable a thiug to the King my master, happen whatever could to me, thanking them however for their kindness; then others came and advised me to demand a guard of the Estates, to which I replyed that I should not doe that neither, for that also would looke but very scurvilly and dishonorably; that I should keep my selfe within doors, and my people, and defend my selfe as well as I could if any should attaque me, aud for the rest submit to God Almighty's pleasure, and soe soon as ever the shooting was heard I presently sent for severall English that had promised to come to me upon any occasion, who immediately came to me, and I provided my selfe well with all sortes of armes, and powder, and things like Granadoes, and from the time that I did perceive that the fleets might be ingaged, I neither stirred out of my own house my selfe, nor suffered any of my people to stirre out, but sent some others that I could trust of all messages that so there might be no pretence of picking any quarrell with them, and so to have made that the ground to have fallen upon my house, nor doe I intend yett of some dayes to lett any of my people stirre out for the same reason. I did fortifie and barrackaded up my house and garden in a very good manner, so as it would have bin no easy matter to have forced them if they should; I had carryed up such quantities of great stones, and placed them at the top of the staires and other convenient places, as also great barrels of eartb made up in strong casks at the tops of the staires, to be ready to tumble downe upon any that should adventure up, which would have made worke among any that should have adventured to come; and I kept strong guards night and day, but yett without any appearance of noise to the streets, but I thanke God I have nottyett mett with the least occasion to make use thereof, nor so much as an ill word spoken before my doore, nor a stone cast at any of my windowes. Upon Friday last some Dutch goeing in the Leyden's scute feil to discoursing about my late reply, they having seen as it seeined one of the Dutch copies of it, and the dispute grew so hott at last pro and con for it and against it as that from railing words they feil to blowes, and beating one another about it. The Princess Dowager 3