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have rune away with his Esquadrone from the fleet (which is certaine for none< of them fought); they abused him so that bad not the gouyernour come to his help with a companie of souldiers they certanlie wold have drowned him. Nixt day he went to the Hage, and the day after from thence to the Texell, wher a Counsell of warr is to be held and he with the rest of their captains which did not fight are to be tryed and rewarded according to their deserts. It is reported that his Royall Highnis should have said he knew well that neither Jan Evertsz his Esqtiadrone nor the Vriesland would fight.

Vice admiral Tromp with captain de Haen has taken on of your frigats of 46 guns which they have broght into the Texell. It is reported that the ceptain of ditto man of warr behaved himself very well, they report lyckwise that they have fired the vessell that his Highnis Prince Rupert was on, but wee expeck to hear the contrary. Vice admiral Egbert Meesen was brought dead in a coffin to his house on Tuesday, having reeeived the shot of ane canon ball in his belly.

Hier are aryved in the Maes 3 of ther men of warr to wit captain Solderwagen, captain Heemskerk and captain Wijnbergh, none of them has fought, and in Goeree ther are lickwise 3 to wit captain Jurian Juriansz., captain Adelaer and one Vrieslander of 50 guns. The comon report is that His Royal Highnis did sit the wholl tyme of the fight in his cabin in a kabel, which was éo made up that no shot cold harme him; others againe says that he was in his pleasure boat pousing forward thos of the fleet who showed any unwillingnis. The generall report of thos that has beene now at sea says that your fleet's cariage was with such courage and union as could be imagined.

The phanaticks of English and Scots ministers hier, doe so invy your victorie that they mourne with the Hollanders and burst out in ane open rage against your one; M.r John Nephew a Scots minister preaehd last Sunday evening in the Scots church and had in his prayer the following words: O Lord remember this Courdrey and thy peopell that are ther in, they are a good peopell and has given harbour to banished prinees, and sheüers thy servants that are driven from other flocks, suffer them not to be overcome by their Enemies, who intend if they prevail to cut them of from being a nation, etc. I pray God make ue all thankful for his mereie towards us at this tyme, and that he would bepleased stil to remaiue with us, that none may prevaill against us. This is all, Sir, from your most faithfull and very humble servant. Ther was no' more of Jan Evertsz esquadrone that did not fight as 8 and himself.

152. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 19 Juni 1665 «). All the business here is to make the people believe that the

1) R. O., Holland 176. — Uit den Haag.