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English were so unreasonable in their demands before their obteining of this victory as that it is ridieulous to thinke now of anything of peace or accomodation with them, but that every man must lay out himselfe to the utmost to gett their fleet with all imaginable speed to sea againe, and theya 11 say positively that for certaine all their ships except 16 or 18 are come into their harbours and very few of them shattered or disabled, and not above about 400 men killd in all those that are come in, and the reason thereof they say is because the English plyed in a manner all their shott at their Masts, Sailes and Bigging, which they much wonder at, and condemne as ridieulous, whereas they say that they shott still at the Hulls of the English and therefore they believe that they have killed more of the English than the English of them *), setting aside the ships that were blown up, so that all these ships that are come in will be (they say) in a few weeks at farthest in condition to putt to sea again, and that a few mén will serve to supply the places of such as are kill'd and wounded in them, and besides the money which de Witt hath carried to the Texell for the rewarding of the captaine that tooke the Charity according to their placart, they say that they will advance and reward all that they finde to have done well, and on the other band proceed with such rigour against such as shall have misbehaved themselves, as that none shall dare to doe so any more, but by what I can heare of the comportment of their men, if they should be as severe as they threaten, they had need to send to Norway for wood to make gallosses. John Everson is sent with the guard to the Texell, where they say they trye him by a councell of warre, and I doe not see how they can compose the councell but of such as did behave themselves much worse than he, and for Trump of whom they have made so much talke he never changed his ship, nor the huil of that ship he was shattered only his sailes and rigging and 18 men kill'd, and haveing thus all their chiefe officers kill'd or disgraced, where others will be found to supply their places I doe not yett see, though they speake very highly and much discourse that now without all dispute some of the Estates- shall goe out with their fleet to have the principall direction of it, and there are not wanting that talke of makeing de Witt Lieutenant Admirall. They say that Trump and those ships that fled with him lay 3 houres without the Texell for want of water to gett in, so that had the English persued their victory close they must have run their ships on ground and quitted them, and then they should not have bin able to have made another fleet God knowes when; they say also that if the English would have adventured to have boarded their ships in the pursuite they might have taken a great many of

1) „Quite contrary" (kantteekening van Arlington).