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dingly, and that the Duke's fleet which they say is still upon the coast may not only not be weakned upon any pretence or imagmation whatsoever, but on the contrary strengthned by the addition of more ships, and I hope of the Souveraigne among others, whereby this great and seasonable victory which is gotten may be maintained and made good, and if one "and aboye all this a douzen saile of good ships, and good store private men of warre could be provided to lye about Hitland it would be an excellent service, for that they are now expecting home very many rich ships round that way from Stnirna, Spaine, Portugale and France, and they say that there are some ships among them comeing from Lisbon, that for certaine have in them great store of Diamonds and other Riches, and their Bast India fleet is now also speedily expected, and the consideration hereof will you may be sure putt them here upon foreing themselves to gett their fleet out, and withall galliotes are sent to the North of Scotland to advise any ships that shall meet in the meane time to turne into Norway and other parts therabouts, so that unless matters can be so ordred as to have a good squadron lying there it is to be doubted, that all those ships will have warning; but not so to mind as in the least to putt the fleet in danger, nor to lett it it be less than between 100 or 110 saile of men of warre. What they doe now here, you must looke upon as the effect of desperate men, and I pray let no other advise make you beleive or imagine that they intend not or cannot gett their fleet to sea againe; so you were told the last time that they did not intend to putt to sea nor to hazard a battle, much less to come upon the Coast of England to seeke it. Some volontiers come from the Dutch fleet in the Texell say that they were about 106 men of warre at the fight besides fire ships or branders, that the deputdes of the Estates at the Texell doe suffer neither seamen nor so much as any officer to come on shoare; they say also that the ships that went last out of the Texell did not finde their fleet nor were in sight, and that 9 of them stopped into the Texell upon Tuesday last, at which there is very much wondering, how they should be able to escape in. There is mighty wishing that de Ruyter were returned both upon the account of the considerable strength that he will bring with him, and because of his person now they are in such want of officers. I have a letter from Amsterdam which saith that they had offered a comand to captaine Wilkenson comandour of the Charity, but that he had refused it, and that hé had 8 of his men wounded, which they have putt into an hospitall to be cured. Algernon Sidney was for certaine the 15*" instant at Breda whether he came from Zeiand, passing as a Frenchman, but being knowne by a lieutenant there he confessed to him what he was; and that he came from Zeiand, and intended for the Hague, and others of that gang are flocking hither. They write also from