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should have had a great deale of powder and money in him, for the garrison of Tangier, but I hope that the powder and money must have bin rather on board the Crovme friggott, yett they speake very confidently. The East India actions are at 347, if they gett in the ships which they now expect round Seotland they will be mighty high againe. Men come in at Amsterdam to take service indifferently fast, being made believe that their late loss is nothing, but this is certaine, that there hath bin great disorders and mutinies in severall of their ships in the Texell, in so much, that the deputies are faine to run from ship to ship to quiett them, and to sett strong guards both by water and land in all places for the preventing of their men running away; the halfe of them would be gone, if by any meanes they could gett on shoare, but de Witt will keep them together by faire words and force, and with all imaginable speed gett their fleet to sea againe; as to the comand whereof nothing is as yett resolved, and it is a thing that hath much difficulty in it, but as to the number of ships, this fleet will be more numerous then the former, ispeeially if those in the Maes be permitted to joine with those in the Texell, for that there were 16 or 17 men of warre of thóse in the Texel that were not in the late fight, besides the 3 new ones at Amsterdam, and the new one at Botterdam lately launched. But this is most certaine, that the heartes of the generallity of the people are at this time very much downe, and notwithstanding all the arts used by the Estates, every man confesseth that they are beaten and most shamefully. Here is now a report as if Tromp should be killed by a captaine, whom he should have accused of cowardise, and they talke mightily of Adrian Banekers being to goe to the northward with 25 ships. I have in severall of my letters given you an account that they expect a great many rich ships home round Seotland, and I send you a copy of a letter of the admiralty of Amsterdam to Obdam, giveing him notice thereof; if these ships gett home there will be mighty joy, if they should be mett withall it will be a brave business. Me thinkes ye should have some Galliotts and private men of warre about Hitland for intelligence, to light upon their Galliotts that they should send thither to give notice of their sbip. Every body at the court is lookeing how the wind blowes, and they expect with infinite impatience de Ruyter's returne, who also is to come round Seotland. Was there no English nor Scotch taken on board any Dutch ship, to make examples? I had yesterday yours of the 15th instant, and have now that of the 19tt. God be thanked for the preservation of the Dukes person and the rest of the chiefe officers, and that we lost so few in all, and no ship but the old Charity; it was here confidently said that we had som ships blowne up.