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que cela n'est point, et qu'il en est bien loin; mais l'on ne scait qu'en juger. II est vray qu'on en a des nouvelles bien certaines, que l'on tient fort secretes, en sorte que tout ce que l'on en peut scavoir, c'est qu'il amene de trés grandes richesses. S'il arrivé a bon port, on se consolera aisement du dernier malheur, paree que l'on aura de quoy faire la guerre aux Anglois avec advantage, a cause des bons officiers qui viennent avec luy. II y a de 1'apparence que les Anglois sont retournés chez eux, puisque, depuis mardy au soir, 16 de ce mois, l'on ne voit plus leur flotte sur ces costes.

159. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 25 Juni 1665»).

Whereas those of the Estates had said that they could forme and publish a narrative of the late Battle, their captaines haveing made them believe strange stories of what great mischeife they had done to his Majesties fleet, and of ships burnt and sunck, since the comeing of last Priday's letters from England, there is no farther speech thereof, for that they could publish nothing but what would be greatly to their disadvantage and very little differiDg from the relation made in England; they confess that they really miss 17 of their ships, but whetber they be all fallne into the hands of his Majesties fleet, the list to be sent from England must shew; but notwithstandiug all this they dor so huffe and puff up one another with imaginations and vanities, that it cannot be looked upon as other then a judgement of God upon them, blinding them for farther mischiefes, and that they doe not looke like a people governed by Councell but by a popular fury, and though the ministers are made to teil the people out of the pulpitts, that his Majestie refuseth all conditions of peace, yett come to speake with any of them that hath anything to say in government, and they speake still the same language as formerly, and nothing of yeilding in order to the composeing of matters. And all the carpenters about the Townes of Amsterdam and North Holland are sent to the Texell for the hastning the fitting out of their fleet, and cost what it can cost they say they will have their fleet speedily in a condition to putt to sea againe. TheSpanish ambassador doth earnestly press the release and restauration of the ship called the Delfland. They speake yett diversly as to who shall have the cheife comand of their fleet; many say Tromp shall have it. The 20 saile of ships under Adrian Bancker are said to be fallen downe so low as to be able to gett out to sett saile at any time.

Here is a report as if de Ruyter should bave bin come to Norway,

1) R. O., Holland 176. — Uit den Haag.