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but nothing of eertainty. My letters from Amsterdam since the writing hereof say as if Bancker should be gone quite out to sea with 20 ships from the Texell, and that 8 or 10 should be gone out of the Vlye, but the eertainty I cannot say, I doubt not but that his Royall Highness hat galliotts or ketches alwayes plying to and againe, not farre from the Texell and the Vlye, to give him an account of their motions, for that it is impossible to have it in time from bence, those thinges being not ordred here but there by the deputies upon the place, and they keep galliotts continually neer the Duke's fieet to give them an account upon all occasions of their motions.

Just now are come to me from Amsterdam 18 boyes that had bin taken some in the Oharity, and the rest in some merchants ships, whom the admiralty of Amsterdam have bin pleased to sett at liberty, and gave each of them halfe a Duccatoone to helpe to carry them thenee, and there is a Dutch merehant of Amsterdam called Anna Peter that did not only solicite their setting at liberty, as being but boyes, but was so charitable as to come with them himselfe to the Hague to me, takeing care of their passage in the way, and that nobody should doe them any injury. I have inclosed in mine to Mr. secretary Morice a list of their respective names and ages,' and of the ships in which they were taken, and I am indeavouring with the postmaster to gett their passage with this packett boat for Harwich, and at as cheap a rate as possible, and I intend to send one of my servants with them this afternoone towards the Brill, and to see them safe shipped, for without this care they would be inforced to run up and downe the country and at last to take service here for want of bread. I heare also from all hands that all the pnsoners in Amsterdam have no cause of complainte of their usage, however they are treated elsewhere, and the Admiralty there haveing done this charitable action, truly I humbly thinke that it would be very well, that it were requited with the like by the Duke, either by releasing of all boyes that are prisoners in England under 13 and 14 yeares of age, that have bin taken in any ships belonging to Amsterdam, or if that may be too much yett at least the doublé number of these, but I thinke it may be well that none belonging to any other place be released with them, whereby to shew that His Majestie takes notiee where his people receive kindness, and where not, and that such as are released upon this account may be sent to van Goch by some person of condition who should deliver them to him, and lett him know that His Majestie hath done this upon a letter received from me, that theise 18 boyes had bin sett at liberty by the Admiralty of Amsterdam, and whereas these had but halfe a Duccatoone given them, if at least crowne a peece be given to those, together with a pasport for their transportation as these have. Moreover this Anna Peter tells me that he knowes of 3 or 4 Englishmen that are in North Holland