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country for want of imployment, and many merchants speake of removing in the spring, if the peace be not made before, their payments being so vast and nothing to doe. Notwithstanding all the industry of de Witt, I doe not see that their fleet is like to be able to putt to sea yett in some weeks. I doubt not but that this opportimity is taken for the getting in all necessaries for His Majestie's fleet. I herein inclosed *) send you a list of 16 ships of warre and a yaucht which the Estates now confess to be missing in the late fight, but they will not beleive that His Majestie's fleet hath lost only the Charity. Though they confess noe man fought better than John Everson on the Saturday, yett now they say they will question him for goeing away on the Sunday. I hope you have setled intelligences at Cadix and in all other eonsiderable ports to the Westward and Northward, to give you constant accounts of what ships from time to time putt out thence for this country, that you may take your measures accordingly, which is a matter of very great moment, and from which excellent advantage may be made. Bancker putt to sea upon Tuesday morning least, having, besides his 17 light ships, one brander, 3 yauchts and 3 galliotts.


The ships which are lost in the last ingagement with your fleet belonging to tbis towne is admirall Opdam, captain Jacob Symonsz. de Witt his ship named the Prince Maurita mounted with 50 guns, captain Owdart his ship named Utrecht mounted with 50 guns, and captain Boshuysen his ship Delft of 32 guns, the 3 former by relation of some seamen that were on captain Owdart are burnt: the admiralls ship hy his owne powder, and the other two by ane small catch *) of yours, a burner. The ship Delft is alledged to be taken by yours. I send you hier inclosed *) the accompt of what ships are a wanting on both syds which they have caused publish in print, and for the better incouragment of the vulgar they made your lose so near to thers that it does almost ballance what they lose. The seamen who has beene on the last fight does all of them confesse the brave cariage of your fleet; that I have heard, of them say that thogh all their fleet had stood they would not have beene abell to resist yours. All their care now is to get men to their fleet which they find very hard to get. The drumb bate of late in Leyden for men, but the comonalty not being pleased that the drumber should bate for men to the States, desiring

1) Niet aanwezig.

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