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rather that he should name the Prince, afronted him in such kynd that they spoylled the drumb and abused himself, so that the nixt tyme he bate the drumb he mentioned not one word of the States, bot said only to this purpose: „if ther be any that desire service let them repair to such a house wher they will find a person to give them service". His highnis the prince of Orange begins now to get the affection of many of the comonalitie, in severall places the more caus it is generallie reported by them that the States rejecting of him is the maine caus of this warr. In fine, Sir, ther is such divisions hier that the States are pusseld what to doe. Thos of Sealand avoughs that their admerall Jan Evertsz has aquitted himself well and tacks it for a very great disgrace that he should have been abused so crnellie in the Briell and served in the Texell, so that it is generallie believed that no harme will be doone to him although they say he deservs to be hangd, for they fear Zealand, so that thogh he had deserved it they durst not meddle with him for fear they shold revolt.

They are hier in great fear for the East Indian ships the more caus it is reported thas H. M. of Brittain sent 3 wiecks since 20 men of warr to the north to wayt for them and de Ruyter, which has caused them hier put out 22 of their men of warr which made sail from Texell on Tuesday last and have ordained 16 more to macke readie to folio w them it is reported that de Ruyter should be arrived at Bergen in Norway, being strong 23 ships and that their ships should be gone to conduct him hier. It is lickwise reported that he has 3 of your East Indian ships by him, but no certantie of either. 10 of the provision ships wherof I wrot you formerlie which should have waytted upon their fleet are come hier from the Briell, they having now no use for them have caused pay the seamen that was on them their wagis and onloaded them againe; this place has lost very many seamen by the loss of the 4 men of warr which belonged to this place. Their Vice Admerall Egbert Meeusen Cortenaer was buried hier yesterday in the great church, they gave him ane honorabell buriell having ane companie of souldiers going before the corps which was caried to the grave by the captains of burgisses, the bels. of the great church ringing from 11 to 5 a clock. The captain of the man of warr which was convoying the hamborger boeyers which were taken by the Hollanders was broght to the prisonhous hier on Sunday last. The prisoners are used as formerlie, which is so that if they had not the helpe of others they wold sterve of hunger. They doe confesse that they have lost in this ingagement with your fleet about 4000 of their men and tack it for a mercie that your fleet has doone them no more harme, for they acknowledge that they wer so put to it, that it is almost a mirakell that they wer not all ruined.

This day is the apointed day for the hearing of the fugitive cap-