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his returne, it is kept seerett. Moreover not only so but nothing att all printed in relation to his exploites, which to be sure would have bin if there had bin anything of importance done by him, espetially in this conjuncture of time, thereby to incourage the heartes of the people, nor is therein any mention of his haveing taken Capo Corso or any ships at the Barbadoes. And by my letters this day from Amsterdam, 1 have an account from one that had it by a person to whom de Ruyter's own wife should declare that she had received a letter from her husband dated from Martinico the 5th of May wherein he gives her an account that he was well, but that he had men dead upon his ship, and 20 wounded, but saith not upon what occasion, but its supposed to have bin in attacquing the ships before Barbadoes. They did promise themselves that de Ruyter would have come home with incredible riches and have done mischeife beyond measure to his'Majestie's subjects in all his colonies in those parts; the contrary is a strangedisappointement to them as well as a great good to the English. We heare every day of stirrs in one place or another, about the beating of the drums for men, the people still makeing uproares in case they make not mention as well of the Prince as of the Estates; and at Tiel in Gelder they lately beate the drums and broke their drums in pieces upon this account, and the generall talke among the vulgar is that the Prince of Orange shall be made admirall, and one of North-Holland who hath the reputation of a very good seaman his lieutenant admirall, who is a person that was in nomination for that imployment at the time it was given to Obdam. The Estates of Holland will be here the 9*° of July, and de Witt is expeeted to make a step hither about that time from the Texell, and then they will take into consideration the comand of their fleet and other matters in relation thereunto; both he and de Groote of Amsterdam did a little after the fight lett fall strange words, and that rather than yeild to his Majestie they would hazzard the renversing their very government and state, which violent words and much of that nature begin to be talked of among the people who say that there must be something in those persons more then appeares to them, why they should be ingaged to that degree, and that for their parts they doe not see that the matters in dispute are of great moment for the which they should hazzard themselves so farre. Mein her de Groot's sister's husband, a Frenchman and collonel in the service of this state, is yesterday come hither from Paris, and assures them that the French King hath declared that in case the peace be not made by his ambassadors in London, he will deelare himselfe downe right for this State, and assist them. Beuningen doth now also give them great hopes of assistance from thence. It is said that the eleetor of Brandenburgh hath caused some troops to march towards Cleve, thereby