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with the hopes of assistance from France, many of the wiser and sober sort laugh at it as ridieulous, and it is ordinary discourse among them that France seekes only its own advantage and not their good, that the maine end of the sending of the late ambassade for England was not to mediate a peace for them, but to sound His Majestie about the buisinesse of the Spanish Netberlands, and that not haveing bin able to gaine him to them therein, he would now make them here beleive that he intended to doe for them, but say they its only in hopes to gaine us herein, and not to doe us good, and these things are said to my certaine knowledge by some of the Estates themselves; they adde that it were a madness in them to be thus longer led by the nose, and not rather indeavour to accomodate matters with His Majestie so as he would be but anything reasonnble at this time in his demands, and those tbings are said by great ones, and such as I am sure wish a peace. Many doe much undervalue de Ruyter, that he came off so poorly at Barbadoes, and that he did not sett the ships in the road on fire; truly care would be taken for the best seeurity that might be for the future for shipping that ride there. By my letters this day from Amsterdam there is at this time nothing to doe there in points of trade, nor any money to be had upon any termes. Their ships under Bancker mett at sea with 6 Danes ships laden with masts, pitch, tarre etc., which its beleived were bound for England, but being mett by the above said ships, they gave out they were bound hitber, and are brought into the Vlye by a man of warre, and if they shall have the good hap to gett home 4e Ruyter and their East India ships and what else they suppose to be on the way here will be infinite rejoicing; and it will be a great addition to them as well of strength as riches, and there will not lye that necessity upon them to fight againe tbis summer, and on thé other hand, they will be much abler to doe it if they thinke fitt. The East India actions are fallen to 322 %, and if his Majestie's fleet come abroad they will fall yett lower. Severall boates full of seamen returned yesterday from Amsterdam for the fleet, that had had liberty to come on shoare for 8 dayes. Zeiand itselfe that hath till now bin alwayes so contrary thereunto hath uow written to desire that there might be a dispensation of trade at Lillo, so that they might drive their trade inward and outward by the way of Ostend. The Estates of Holland promise their consideration upon the severall pointes concerning the fleet about which the deputies in the Texell have written to them, and all their discourse is that the English had no advantage of them in the late fight, but only in point of the wind and the good order they observed for the keeping thereof, and that for the future they will have acare as to that point, and then doubt not of gaining the better. They begin now to speake as ill of Trump as Trump hath till now spoken, of