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from Southwold Bay with newes that Sir Thomas Allen with 25 sayle of shipps sayled on Monday last Northeast, to joyne with us (all this day starke calme and very hott), our lattitude at noone 55d 50", depth 30 fathom.

Saturday the 25 about noone, came in to us the Henrietta from Yarmouth and the Süccesse, and a keteh from Sir Thomas Allen then under sayle on the Well Banke, goeing towards Hambrough head, and thence to joyne with us. I called aboard the councell of warr, and they resolved to steere with a moderate sayle all this night and next day S. W. and by W. to meete Sir Thomas Allen; at this time wee reckon Hambrough head from us S. W. and by W. some 48 leagues.

And on Monday the 27 in the morning, wee mett Sir Thomas Allen and above 20 sayle of considerable shipps of the fleete with him, when wee reckon Hambrough head 14 leagues off S. W. Westwardly.

Instantly at 5 in the morning I called on board the councell of warr, and tooke into consideration the whole affaire, and our instructions. And not haveing intelligence of the Holland fleete being come to sea, and eyeing the principall service appointed us to bee the meeting with de Ruyter or the East India men in the sea, or to attempt them in the harbour if there were oppertunity, wee did thinke, by reason of our haveing beene soe long at sea upon and about the Dogger Banke, and the multitude of galliotts the Dutch keepe abroad to give ad vice (divers of which wee had chased to the Norward) and other meanes of intelligence, that neither de Ruyter nor the East India men would venture along the sea untill they had a fleete to protect them, or the winter came on, and therefore thought to cruse at the East ende of the Dogger would bee in vaine. Besides if they should put it to hassard toe goe home, the sea is wide and night and foggs and flatt coasts along the Dutch shore advantageous. for them to escape us by. Wee therefore resolved to range the sea to the Naze of Norweigh, hopeing by the way for fresh intelligence, at least plying off there (a more probable station to meete de Ruyter or anything bound for Holland from the Norward) to informe ourselves what shipps of Holland were in port in that country, and of the nature of their harbours how wee might deale with them if there were occasion.

And also haveing already intelligence of 16 sayle of Flemmings in Pleckerry, whereof 2 were West India shipps, 3 men of warr, and one from Lisbon, and others of lesser note, and this very neere the Naze of Norweigh, wee designed to take them there if it could bee done with litle loss of time or diversion from our maine designe and to good effect, to which purpose I prepared a Squadron of 12 shipps under the command of Sir Jeremy Smith who sayled in company together ready instrueted for the designe, with the reserve of a finall