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that which was effected (unless wee had mett with fresh intelligence of oppertunitys of apparent advantage) wee dnrst not move Northward to seeke occasions in the places where all our probabilitys and hopes of advantage ledd us; besides that continueing in the station appointed in the instructions wee could not probably have hindred any shipps bound from the North for Holland, because it being the direct course home, when dainger is feared, it was most likely they would avoyed it, and there was sea roome enough to the Westward to have gon for Holland and never heard of us. Moreover the flattness of the coast, and the Horne Riffe poynting soe farr off shores, and soe daingerous, obliged us to keepe such a birth off, as theire shipps, which being but smale parties, and drawing less watter, might trale close by the shoare and pas undiscovered by us. And the event fn some sort hath justisfied this, for de Ruyter did pass neere the Naze of Norweigh, tralied close aboard the Juttish eoast, went close Heligland, and soe crept into the river Ems to Delf-Zill on August the 5tn, which could not have beene prevented if the fleete had remained as the instructions appoint, besides the winde was South when wee did steere Eastward on the Dogger, impropper to bring shipps along for Holland from the North.

But as I touched in the beginning, if it bee considered that the impediment of the fleets sayling to the coast' of Norway was theire division, that wee sayled the 15tn from Sould Bay, and was not joyned untill the 27, it will appeare that. a few daies stay in Sould Bay would have better mann'd, victualled and wattered the fleete, and have sent it out entire without hinderance to persue all advantages a weeke or 10 daies sooner then it was effected afterwards, which time was more then wee come short of de Ruyter's passing by the Naze, or the East India shipps getting into Bergen, who were in the sea off the land Vanstaet July 30tn, and 4 of the East India shipps that were in sight of our friggets that went for pilotts in a little hole at Cruseford, not gott in before Aug. 9tn.

To returne to the following motion of the fleete, immediately after conjunction with Sir Thomas Allen as is said, wee sayled for the Naze of Norway. Fryday 31 at evening wee were in the lattin lude of 56d 57* about 30 leagues from the Naze. And this day haveing gotten an intelligence that de Ruyter with a fleete of 60 sayle was mett of Bergen on the 20 of July and some of them seene to goe in, I called aboard the councell of warr, who advized mee to suspend the designe upon Pleckery and to goe and lie some 12 leagues off Stavanger, and send to the maine to gett what intelligence I could (principally respecting what might be done upon shipps at Bergen) which was accordingly executed, and (haveing calmer and contrary winds) plying upon the coast, wee daylie gott more intelligence; parti-