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ƒcularly on Monday 3 wee tooke twoe Greenland shipps, said to bee ' of Hambrough, that sayd on Fryday last they mett Dutch East India men off the land Van Statton, and that there was 8 more seperated from them in the sea. And wee had heard that at Bergen there was 28 sayle of Streights, Prench and Portugall shipps of the Hollanders, whereupon I called the councell of warr and by theire advice prepared a Squadron to attempt the shipps at Bergen of 18 shipps none above 4*11 rate, which by all the intelligence wee had gotten, was I more then wee knew how to dispose off either at Bergen, or the \ roades betweene the Islands and the Maine. I thought both the party and designe too bigg for the conduct of one of the 4tn rate captains, and had aimed to have put one of the 3d rate captaines to comand in a 4* rate shipp. By advice of some of the flagg officers and my owne opinion I found it would discontent the fleete to introducé one captain over another in his owne shipp, and therefore resolved to put oue of the flagg officers into a 4tk rate shipp to comand the action, and chose Sir Thomas Tydiman of whose fidelity and valour I was assured, a person of good discretion and experienee, which besides the assistance of his instructions and councell of warr had the helpe of Sir Thomas Clifford's presence, which gave mee great assurance of the discretionary parte also..

/ Things thus disposed, being hindred divers days by calmes and ( Northerly winds of getting the height of Bergen, by Saturday the ■ 8 of August at night wee were gott into the lattitude of 58d46'; the winde came southerly and rainey. Next morning by 6 a clock 1 called aboard the councell of warr and debated this designe over againe at least 6 houres, and upon the uncertainety wee had whether de Ruyter I himselfe were within or noe, which would need a greater force then \ to attempt only the harbour at Bergen,, and findeing it unlikely to eSfeet anything by the Squadron's sending back to us for more helpe by reason of the uncertainety of shipps goeing in and out; besides the preparacions the enemy in harbour would make for theire owne défence and our hourely expectacion of the Dutch fleete on our backs for to divert us, notwithstanding the straitness of the entrance and ! want of anchorage within, in soe great an attempt wee resolved to ' encrease the Squadron to that moderate strength, that they might bee able to effect both, and yet not cumber themselves over müch in the place; soe wee agreed to encrease the number of our Squadron to 22 shipps, 2 fireshipps and 4 or 5 men of warr ketches, and one of them a 3d rate shipp, which I chose captain Langhernes, and supposeing the conduct before well settled, thought it not convenient to alter them.

7> Whether wee should send them in presently, or stay them by us, 1 untill pylotts and farther intelligence came from shore, was debated