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Crowne was worth; quitted old debts advantagiously, and injuriously imposed on him hy the Hollander, and for his security in doeing this haveing the beste pledge: the ruine and destruction of theire state, besides the obligacion to the King our master in such a conjunctione of affaires. *And I was encouraged in this expectation both from the King and the Duke.

Wee therefore comitted the successe to God and adventured the party whose transactions after they went from us, are a story by its selfe, whereof I shall only speake my sence, after examination of the most exact accounts given mee thereof from all hands.

In the conduct thereof, I doe not know what perticuler to wish amended, either by designe or vallour (though I know likewise what the stories of unskillfull persons talke). The winde blew very hard within a point or twoe of South all the while they were there (which was right out of the harbour), soe that fireshipps could not sayle in, to bee towed in, the force of the Danes (who not only used theire owne artillery, but suffered the Dutch to land above 100 peeees of ordnance and ply' them ashore and the Danish guns also, and to draw theire shipps out in a lyne to oppose us) made it too hott. And if some oftheoutmost shipps could have beene put on fire, yet the wind blew it off from the rest, or the multitude of hands th'ey had to helpe, would have extinguished it, our shipps not being able to stay by it to hinder them from workeing, or perhaps our fireshipps might have beene turned back upon our owne shipps and destroyed them, whoe were moored fast head and sterne quite th'wart the harbour.

The conclusion I make upon that attempt is that if the Danehad helped us, there had beene noe doubt of success. If the Dane had beene but passive and not suffered them to land guns, wee had very probably succeeded, or if God had given us but few howers of a faire wind, against the opposition both of the Dane and Dutch wee had destroyed both the shipps and towne. But against the dissadvantage of the opposition of heaven, Dane and Dutch, I doe not see what could have beene effected more then was. Never was more courrageous and braver resolution exprest indeed, too many of our gallant bretheren fal'n; but the squadron brought off from within the harbour from under theire forts shattered more in theire masts, rigging and hulls then scarce ever shipps were seene, without the loss of one vessel, nay with the accession of one though deare bought prise.

While our friends were within wee endeavoured to ply in the offen to receive the Dutch fleete, if they came, and protect the retreate of our party, but from the time they parted from us in the lattitude of 594 00 the winde encreased to blow at South, a meere stress of winde, wherewith wee were forced to lye, a try with a maine course, and continued in the same point very fresh for 3 or 4 daies together, soe that wee