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could not hold it up, but were driven to tbe Northward of Bergen into the latitude of 60d 30* (on Fryday Aug.»* 14th) without the winde shifting not possible to gaine the post for secureing our friends, or meeting the Dutch fleete, if they should bee eome: our distress for wanlof licquor unsupportable, feares that we should not bee able to fetch Shetland, if the winde stood as then it was time of the yeare, and the climate threatned us more northerly, wee had noe hopes of preservation from extraordinary missery, but the coast of Norway towards Dronten, and doubtfull whether calamity would not have overtaken us before in point of distance wee could have fetched any harbour there, and if wee had beene saved by such a remedy, wee had had a long voyage home, our beere certainely quite expended, and our dry provisions also not sufficiënt. Besides expecting our owne coast at home to the Duteh, who probably would returne before us, and the dammage our heavy shipps must have received in hulls and masts in that climate and season, soe that the councell of warr on Fryday Aug." the 14tk advised mee to take that advantage of the winde to endeavour to fetch Shetland, or if the winde favoured us some part of the South or English coast, to recruite with licquor, especially to intend Sould Bay, and to touch at Flambrongh head, if the winde was favourable and to send the Eagle to Sir Thomas Tydiman, instantly to advise him of our resolution. All which was executed accordingly and it was Monday the 17 of August before wee gott to an anchor in Bressa Sound in Shetland.

In Shetland wee applyed all industry to water the fleete, where wee gott sufficiënt, but for condition very badd, being such as draines from the topps of hills, through turffs, which collours the watters redd and is very unwholesome for our men to drinke, though it serve tumes to boyle withall. Iu the meane time I gave my selfe to the takeing good observation of the harbour to give the King an account thereof and to advise with collonel Sinclare in what places it would bee usefull to fortifie there, and to call courts marshall, for the examining and punishing of offenees, some of which were very enormus, and one person condemned to death, but reserved to bee executed when hee came home, if the Duke soe appointed it; and heere it is not impropper to give some account of the discipline used in the fleete. Dntill now our continuall motion out of harbour gave noe oppertunity for courts marshall, but in this place I considered some abuses that had happened and more feil out in the squadron that was at Bergen, and in my last goeing out of Sould Bay, which I was resolved to bring to account when I came into a station convenient. But upon occasion of the person condemned to death I reviewed my authority of exeeuting martiall law and found reasonto doubt that I was not sufficiently authorised thereunto. For it is true