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the summer before I had a comission for martiall law, but since that the Duke haveing commanded the fleete in person in the winter at Portsmouth, and the begining of this summer, I thinke that authority was suspended, and at my last goeing out I was armed with no new authority, nor any comission nor instructions, which if I bad received, I should certainely have done my duty therein; and haveing commanded the fleete many yeares before I have not found the ill governement of the fleete objected to mee. In the Sound I had one of the most difficult parts of my life wherein the preserveing the fleete in obedience, and my selfe in command, was of some use to the Kings service, which I thanke God I accomplished, notwithstanding one of the commissioners of the assumed Commonwealth designed the takeing mee out of that command, arrived with plenipotentiary power, charged mee violently to have designed to serve the King, every officer in the fleete haveing new comissions sént them from Lenthall the speaker and myselfe none at all; after in order to the Kings happy restoracion I tooke my command againe, by the advise of my Lord of Southampton signyfied to mee by my Lord Chamberlaine, I put my selfe aboard the Smftsure at Woolwich, and with a couple of shipps more, sayled to the Hope through 16 sayle at Gravesend under the command of Sir John Lawson who had declared for the Oommon, wealth against the King, moddled the fleete with many new officers that I knew to bee obedient, turned out Dekins out of a third rate friggat, who hadd doublé shotted his guns to lay mee aboard in the Hope before my shipp was filled; turned out Newberry out of the Glouce8ter, an annabaptist, and halfe his shipps company, and brought the shipps in to the Downes perfectly disposed to obey mee. The effect of which was seene in theyr remayning dutifull, when Lambert broake out and all the land forces in great dainger of deffection. And my sayling to Scevelling, to waite upon his Majesty upon my word passed to Sir John Granville, without further order. And I hope when his Majesty came aboard and in his passage over, and when I delivered the fleete unto his Royall Hjghness, conduct, it wat not found under an ill regulation and discipline, neither doe I know that any thing of this kinde hath beene objected in my voyage since to the Streights of Portugall, but all officers have since beene placed by the care of Sir William Coventry who can best give an account of the fittness of those employed.

In this last expedition, I thinke I have placed none but deserving persons; I am sure they are such according to my best information. Besides the comissions of comanders are but temporary and those of standing officers I caused a clause to bee put in theire warrants of repaireing to H. R. H. for confirmation or receiveing other after his pleasure concerning them.