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and arrived here on Wednesday. There are that thinke that if ever the Dutch be beaten againe that some that possibly might escape home may upon the account of what is befallen their comrades at the Texell rather chuse to surrender themselves- and be taken prisoners then to hazard themselves to gett home to be hang'd, especially His Matieindeavouring (as he doth) to gaine the good word of those that are prisoners by his gentle and kind treating of them, and by letting so many of comon men goe in his merchants ships upon good security, whereby the men gett imployment in a merchandiseing way which is not to be had here, and so in truth those that are His Majesty's prisoners are in a better condition then those that are at freedome here, and this becoming generally known among them here will have very good effects. I have printed in French and Dutch the relation of de Ruyter's defeate at Barbadoes, as also my memoriall concerning the releasement of the prisoners. Marshall Turein hath writt this weeke to the Reingrave here, that France was likely very speedily -to fall into a breach with England, and the sooner upon the account of the English seizig dayly French shipping. That they may have their great new ship at Rotterdam in the next fight, they are resolved at any rate to gett her out before they goe about the makeing of their new bridge, and to putt into her such guns as they have. As we have every weeke reports concerning de Ruyter, so there is now a flying report againe of his being come to Cadix, and that himselfe comes over land; faine would the Estates [him] have bin here to comand their fleet which they hope to have ready in about 14 dayes. Tromp is now here, we shall now quickly see who shall have [the comand of it. There is now much repineing among the generality of the people at the putting to death those captaines in the Texell, and they say there was no reason why them rather than others, but only because they had fewer friends. All those rules which were offered by the Deputies of the States from the Texell are now approved by the Estates. Van Gogh writes this weeke that the French ambassadors at London speake of returning for France, and that they have effected nothing as to the mediation. The Deputies of the Estates have this day made a report of the conference which I had yesterday with them, but nothing as yet resolved thereupon, in regard the Estates of Holland are this day taken up with the disposeing of a great many charges that are vacant.

173. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 21 Juli 1665 »). Its certaine that there are already 15 millions of gilders con-

1) R. O., Holland 177. — Uit den Haag.