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then that of Obdam's in the late fight, and it is true that they will be so, and the rest very greate and very considerable ships, and de Ruyter he brings home a considerable number with him, and a good number of men and severall good officers, but how they will do for men enough," there is their greate difficulty and therefore it doth concerne H. M. to use such of them as he hath very well, whereby to gaine their hearts and to make them lesse unwilling to be taken upon occasion, which effect it will operate especially when they finde that H. M. Iets them goe to sea in his merchants ships whereby they can get money, whereas they can get nothing here but by fighting which they love not. Van Gogh writes in his letters of Monday was a sevenight how he had beene disswading the Dutch seamen from taking service in England, and what hopes he had given them of their being released, and how he had thereby incouraged them to patience; now this would be seriously looked after and remedied, and to this end, that none from the said ambassador or other Dutchman do come at any of the said prisoners, but at certaine appointed times and in the presence of an officer to heare and see what passes, and that though van Gogh or any of their friends b'e permitted to visit them to see in what condicion they are, yet not to infuse ill principles into them, or anything of that kinde. I am inform'd from severall, that there were in the last fight in the Dutch fleete greate numbers of Swedes as well asDanes; what if Sir Gilbert Talbot had orders to presse the inforcing the late proclamation issned out in Denmarke, commanding their seamen out of all foreigne service, and that M.r Coventry had orders to presse the issuing out of one of the like nature in Sweden, to be sure it would be a point of reputacion if no more. De Witt and they have offered Trump to make him lieutenant admirall of the Maes, for the satisfying of him, but he declares that he will not quitt Amsterdam and de Ruyter is lieutenant admirall there, so that some further expediënt must be thought on for the contenting of him. Saturday last came a letter hither from Cornelius Evertson from the Texel that about 60 saile of English ships should be come upon the coast, which gave a great alarme, and fresh orders issued out for the hastning out of their fleete, and that the Deputies should out of hand returne to the Texel. For the greate ship at Rotterdam they yet want a greate many of her guns, and all her men, and for the 3 greate ships at Amsterdam the admiralty there hath notified to the Estates that they will be ready, they do what they can possible to get men for them. No further confirmacion being come since Saturday of the English their being upon the coast, they begin now to doubt of the truth thereof.