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throng of the prisoners, and having onely a straw quilt to lye upon, and yet not permitted to be earried to the hospitall, where others are that are wounded, nor to any other place where he may be look'd after, whereby he is already fallen into a very greate feavour and in greate danger of death.

That no officer belonging to any private men of warre that are taken have any greater allowance or are any otherwise considered then as common Sailors.

That captaine Wilkinson after he was taken in the late fight was manacled with irons and sett upon the poope of de Haens ship to be a marke for our men to shoot at, and onely one halfe houre allowed him to be below to have a wound dressed which he had gott in his side by a splinter, moreover that so soon as the Charity was taken they broke all our Surgeons medicaments and then turned them with about 40 more of the said ships company into a boate to shift for themselves without victualls or medicaments to dresse the wounded, and that a greate many of the wounded men that belonged to the said Charity that remained on board de Haen were 3 or 4 dayes before their wounds were drest, so that they stunck alive, and not above 3 or 4 of them but are since dead.

That such English as were taken in the Hamborough were very evilly treated, that one M™. Vearte that was taken in one of the bouyers by Tromp, was the next day béing the Sunday after dinner brought upon the deck by Trompes owne captaine and there stripped to her smock and very incivilly used, and thus she was stripped 2 or 3 times or more. Moreover that having a litle guirle with her of about 3 yeares old her daughter, that the souldiers put on board the said bouyer made it their sport to force open the mouth of the said child, and so blew tobacco into it to make it drunke. Moreover that having a servant boy of about 14 yeares old with her, that the said captaine tooke the said boy-and made two souldiers hold him while he lyed, lighted matches betweene his fingers and burnt him to the very bone, whereby the said boy is like for ever to loose the use of his right hand; moreover that the eommon men were scattered in small parcells on board the Dutch fleete, and when the fight came were threat'ned to be handled in a most grievous manner in case they would not fight against their King and country, which is a thing contrary to the usage of all nations; partieularly that one Clifford being put on board Trompes ship was threat'ned by Tromp himselfe to be hanged up in the shrouds of his ship during the whole fight to be a marke for our's to shoote at in case he would not fight, and that 5 others being put on board the Prince Maurice, that because they would not fight they were tyed altogether with chaines upon their hands and feete, and so made fast in a heape upon the poope